Compare the Candidates

Wondering how the candidates stack up? Here's the truth about their records.

1 Kathleen helped secure $100,000 for the Free Food Markets operated by Food for Free and $200,000 for Cradles to Crayons. Both of these programs work closely with the Somerville Public Schools to help kids and families in Somerville meet their basic needs. This is in addition to the increases in cash benefits she helped secure for people living in poverty, including thousands of Somerville residents

CLAIM: Secured $75k for CAAS
TRUTH: Did not make ANY funding requests specifically in for Somerville in the FY25 House budget, which passed in April 2024. Asked for $0 for CAAS, House Budget included $0. Senator Jehlen asked for $75k for CAAS, Senate Budget included $75k. Final Budget TBD.

CLAIM: Secured $1M for Greentown Labs, $1M for adult education and English literacy at the Somerville center for adult learning experience, and $5M to improve pedestrian access to the East Somerville MBTA station.
TRUTH: The only amendment filed by the incumbent (after this mailer was sent!) was for Greentown Labs -- the others were filed by other representatives. What’s more, it was not part of the state budget or a supplemental budget, but an economic development bond bill. That means the state is authorized to issue and sell bonds to fund those projects, NOT that the funding has been secured. The Governor ultimately has control over capital bond spending. Even if this bond bill is enacted with that language authorizing $1 million for Greentown Labs, the Governor could choose to fund it at any amount up to that -- or not at all.

2 Kathleen was directly involved in drafting and filing every bill and budget amendment submitted by the offices where she worked, as well as in developing and implementing strategies to advance them. To say this is untrue is to discredit the work of staff behind legislators and leaders everywhere. The entire Republican caucus voted against this supplemental funding for the shelter system, which was necessary in order to continue providing services with a system strained beyond capacity, and supported by frontline service providers and advocates. The incumbent neither proposed nor cosponsored any amendments to change elements of the bill she did not agree with.

You can see the votes here:

3 This is the extent of Kathleen's time in Somerville and in the State House. The incumbent cosponsored this bill, which would have prohibited MA schools from reopening before April 26, 2021. ("Petitioner" is another term for cosponsor.) C
    This is the extent of the incumbent's time in Somerville and in the State House. This obviously includes the pandemic, as referenced above. D